2018 Workshop Schedule - Jeff-Sinon-Photography

March 10 - 11 ~ Waterfalls On Ice

Winter at Rocky Gorge

Photographing waterfalls isn't just a spring and summer activity. 

Here in the White Mountains of New Hampshire we have a lot of waterfalls, and they do look beautiful encased in blue ice. 

Join me for two days of frozen waterfall fun and adventure as we photograph in a winter wonderland. 

Warm clothing and footwear are a must, as well as traction aids such as Microspikes.

Some winter hiking experience is a good idea, but not mandatory. 

This workshop is limited to 4 participants. 

March 25 ~ Glow In The Bowl, Sunrise In Tuckerman Ravine

Looking out over frozen, snow covered Hermit Lake, the headwall and surrounding mountains of Tuckerman Ravine glow in the pink alpenglow as the first rays of the sun hit the snow covered slopes. In the foreground is the weathered cedar fence on the shore of the small lake.

Do you have a strong sense of adventure?

If so, join me on a pre-dawn adventure as we set out at approximately 2:30a.m. from the AMC Pinkham Notch Visitor Center to hike into Tuckerman Ravine for sunrise. 

Once we arrive we await the first light of the rising sun and the beautiful pink alpenglow on the headwall of the ravine. 

This workshop is for the experienced hiker/photographer only!

The weather on Mt Washington and in Tuckerman Ravine can be unpredictable, therefore you must have previous winter hiking experience to participate on this workshop. 

Proper winter hiking gear, including appropriate clothing and footwear, a headlamp, as well as traction aids such as snowshoes or micro spikes are mandatory. 

The Tuckerman Ravine Trail is relatively easy, being wide and not overly steep from the start at Pinkham Notch to the Hermit Lake Shelter. From the shelter the trail narrows considerably, with a few moderately steep sections on the way into the bowl of the Ravine. 

This workshop is limited to 4 participants. 

Use the Contact page if you have any further questions. 

June 1 - 3 ~ White Mountain Waterfalls

Crystal Cascade

 Join me as we visit some of the most spectacular waterfalls the White Mountains of New Hampshire have to offer.

Over the course of two days I'll take participants to some of my favorite waterfalls where I'll share my favorite tips and techniques for creating beautiful waterfall images.  

Most of the waterfalls we will be visiting are located just a short walk from the car, a few  will require some light to moderate hiking on uneven ground. Comfortable sturdy shoes with good traction are a must. 

A list of required equipment and waiver will be provided to each participant shortly after reserving their spot. 

Overcast days offer the best, even light for photographing waterfalls, so hope for rain and bring a rain coat! 

Sept. 28 - 30 and Oct. 5 - 7 ~ Mountains Of Color-Autumn In New Hampshire 9/29-10/1 and 10/6-10/8

Autumn in New Hampshire, there's nothing like it. From grand scenic views awash in vibrant color, to intimate portraits of brilliant Autumn hues, we'll be traveling the White Mountains in search of the most vibrant color. Each day we will be visiting new locations from waterfalls to scenic mountain views. Who knows, we may even see a moose or two! 

Space is limited and the best color can be fleeting, so reserve your spot now so you don't miss out on some of the best fall foliage and scenery New Hampshire has to offer. 

The brilliant fall colors can really pop on a grey and drizzly day, especially when using a circular polarizing filter, as such this workshop is rain or shine. Some light hiking will be required. 

Seascapes Along New Hampshire Seacoast - Upon Request

Boulders In The Surf

Scouting Ride-A-Long

Lilypadss dominate the foreground looking out over the Bellamy Reservoir towards the setting sun. A sky filled with clouds adding drama to the scene. The suns bright glow appears like a fire on the horizon just over the tree line on the far shore. Faint pinks, purples, and golds ever so slightly coloring the clouds.

Ride along with me while a scout new locations for upcoming workshops.

Recommended for the more experienced photographer.

During these ride-a-longs I'll be making my own photos as well as scouting possible locations for future workshops.

These are  not meant to take the place of more instructional workshops, as I will be focused on making my own photos, but I will be available to answer basic questions and provide other tips.

Use the Contact page to inquire about coming along on my next scouting trip.

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